Activities and associations in Sweden and abroad

Family associations

Family associations look after the common interests of the family relatives. About 100 noble families belonging to the Swedish House of Nobility have a family association. The House of Nobility encourages more noble families to form a family association and is happy to provide advice and support.

Social clubs and societies

Svenska Adelsförbundet is a non-profit association open to members of the nobility of all ages who belong to one of the families introduced into the House of Nobility. The association is engaged in social and aid activities. Within the framework of its charitable work, the association distributes funds to those in need on a yearly basis. The annual fee is 100 kronor for individuals and 150 kronor for married couples. For information or questions about the association’s activities and membership, please contact:

Baron Henrik von Vegesack, association president, e-mail:

Riddarhussällskapet is a society open to members of the House of Nobility and their families. The society arranges lectures, excursions, guided tours and festive gatherings. For information about the society’s activities and questions about membership, e-mail We look forward to receiving your queries.

The Knighthood and Nobility youth club, RAUK, is for members aged 18–35 who belong to a family introduced into the House of Nobility. RAUK arranges a wide variety of activities and meetings, both in Sweden and abroad. Register your interest in the free membership by filling out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Associations in Sweden

Order of St. John and St. John’s Aid

The Order of St. John is a religious humanitarian society whose main task is to conduct relief activities and charity work. Its sister organisation, Johanniterhjälpen, is also involved in humanitarian aid and charity work. Visit

The Association for Unintroduced Nobility brings together living noble families in Sweden who are not introduced into the Swedish House of Nobility. Visit

The Baltiska Ridderskapen (Baltic Nobility) in Sweden is an association open to individuals living in Sweden belonging to one of the four Baltic noble families: the Estonian, Livonian, Courland and Oesel. People in Sweden who belong to Baltic noble families are members.

Around the world

The House of Nobility is a member of CILANE (“Commission d’Information et de Liaison des Associations de Noblesse”), an association for European nobility. The association is involved in youth exchanges in Europe.

The contact person for the Swedish participation in the youth exchanges is Baron Carl-Gustaf Åkerhielm, who can be reached at

The House of Nobility in Finland is the only institution in the world with a similar organisation as the House of Nobility in Sweden. The noble houses in Sweden and Finland collaborate around a number of genealogical matters, as several of the families in each House of Nobility share origins with each other. Visit