Descendancy charts

A treasure trove of personal history

The descendancy charts of the House of Nobility record nearly 330,000 people – living and dead, noble by birth and by marriage. The charts consist of a compilation of family lineages, with a family tree and a description of the family’s history. Information must be recorded about when and where each person was born and died, as well as any marriages and children. In many cases, a brief biography is also available. The content of the descendancy charts is based on the genealogies and biographical information submitted to the House of Nobility over the centuries as well as ongoing internal research, outside sources and external research. In other words, the descendancy charts contain a wealth of information that may be of interest to those conducting genealogical research or looking for information about a historical person in a lineage.

Ongoing descendancy chart project

The descendancy charts are updated as research takes place. A major project is currently underway to supplement and restructure the content of the charts. A new feature is that siblings of the noble are recorded in the descendancy charts.