Capitation fee

House of Nobility capitation fee

The House of Nobility palace is collectively owned by the Knighthood and Nobility, who are obliged to oversee its maintenance and upkeep. For this purpose, according to the Riddarhus Decree, an annual fee of 350 kronor, called the capitation fee, must be paid.

From the Riddarhus Decree of 1866, § 5(1):

“A nobleman of legal age, who resides in the realm, shall be obliged to pay a fee each year during which he is assessed to owe state or municipal income tax – the capitation fee of the House of Nobility – which can be used by the Knighthood and Nobility for maintenance of the House of Nobility and related purposes. The fee shall be paid before the end of the year.”

The chancery manages the House of Nobility’s activities, with genealogy and family trees as a core mission of the institution in safeguarding a historical heritage.

The capitation fee applies to roughly 6,000 male members of legal age living in Sweden, out of about 28,000 people in the world with a family name of noble lineage (657 in 2022) who have been introduced into the House of Nobility.


All paying adult male descendants, along with his family members, can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Applying for student scholarships.
  • Applying for financial assistance if in need.
  • Booking the palace for private events at a special price.
  • Participating as a family representative at the assembly of nobles every three years (the family head has priority).
  • Family members living in the Nordic countries receive a copy of the magazine Arte et Marte, which is published twice a year.

For questions, please contact:

Voluntary contribution

For male noble family members living abroad who wish to make a voluntary contribution to help with the palace maintenance and preservation of our historical heritage, please donate to:

BankGiro: 5509-4221
IBAN: SE35 5000 0000 0585 1103 0816

Or you can pay to Riddarhusets PlusGiro number; 132 98 95-5 and write your name and date of birth.