Renovation 2023–2025

The House of Nobility palace will undergo a major interior renovation in 2023–2025.

During this period, the building will be retrofitted with new plumbing, electrical systems, fire systems, kitchen equipment and other mechanical features at the end of their service life.

An extensive surface restoration of the Stone Hall and Great Hall will take place, including cleaning and restoration of the plafond, the vast painted ceiling depicting the Council of the Virtues (Dygdernas rådslag, 1675). For this reason, the Great Hall will be closed during 2024. The Land Marshal Hall will be completely redesigned with new interior lighting while its acoustics will be improved. We hope to also be able to renovate the park and other outdoor spaces in the coming years.

Our aim is to complete all interior renovations for the opening of the assembly of nobles in February 2025, just one year shy of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the House of Nobility as an institution.

Costs and Contributions

The cost of this work is estimated at 60 million kronor, and it will be made possible through the generous bequest of the Finnekumla Estate to Johan Sparre in 2018; a temporary increase in the administrative fee for management of the Hercules Fund; and the utilisation of portions of the House of Nobility administration’s own saved capital.

In addition, House of Nobility members and family associations are expected to together contribute to the upkeep of their common heritage according to their own ability.

The House of Nobility welcomes all contributions. Deposits can be made into bankgiro 5933-7972 or via swish to 1232691434.  Please state the sender’s name so that our executive board can warmly express its thanks.

For contributions from abroad, please contact us at