Being a noble family member

Managing ancestral heritage

History has left the members of the nobility a legacy to continue, as well as to maintain. Anyone who is born or marries into a family that is introduced into the House of Nobility is part of a wider context, that of the history of the Swedish nobility, the palace of the House of Nobility and the activities determined by the Knighthood and Nobility.


As a member of a family introduced into the House of Nobility, you can:

  • Apply for scholarships and financial assistance from the House of Nobility’s funds
  • Book the banquet hall in the palace
  • Receive the House of Nobility member magazine, Arte et Marte (for residents of a Nordic country only)
  • Apply for membership in associations affiliated with the House of Nobility

Members of legal age who are Swedish citizens are obliged to pay an annual capitation fee of 350 kronor in order to access these benefits (also applies to wives and minor children). This fee goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the House of Nobility palace.

Those noblemen who live abroad are welcome to voluntarily pay the capitation fee to contribute to palace maintenance.

Research and discovery

Through the genealogies that the House of Nobility maintains, it is possible for those interested in genealogy and history to learn about their own or others’ families.


In order to preserve this historical heritage for the future, the House of Nobility needs the help of individual family members, especially with the genealogies, but we also seek your involvement in applying for scholarships or financial assistance where applicable and encourage participation in association activities.

We encourage family members to take advantage of the opportunity to support our activities by representing the family and voting in the assembly of nobles, serving on committees or nomination committees, or other forms of involvement.

Help the House of Nobility with its genealogies

In order for the House of Nobility to continue preserving the genealogies of the nobility, it is essential that all family members respond to the galleys sent out in preparation for production of the Swedish Peerage Book every three years. Even at other times of the year, we encourage family members to report changes in personal circumstances (births, marriages, divorces, deaths), especially those members living abroad. The House of Nobility gratefully accepts help from family members who can provide information about expatriate relatives. We require certificates that corroborate the information we receive. Contact the peerage book editor at +46-8 723 39 96 or at

Renouncing one’s nobility

It is not possible to renounce one’s nobility. It is inherited either through birth or marriage. Family members can actively renounce participation in our activities by notifying the House of Nobility. If they do so, then they do not pay the capitation fee, cannot seek funding from the House of Nobility (neither minor children nor wives), cannot book the palace, and cannot receive galleys for the Swedish Peerage Book or other mailings from the House of Nobility. If they later want to resume contact with the House of Nobility, they can pay the total debt (capitation fee) and will then be able to apply for scholarships and financial assistance, for example.