The Swedish Peerage Book

The Swedish Peerage Book and Legal notices

The Swedish Peerage Books lists the living families introduced into the House of Nobility and is published every three years. It is each member’s responsibility to keep their part of the book up to date. For example, the House of Nobility does not automatically receive information about the births of noblemen’s children. We do receive some information from the Swedish population register, but not from authorities abroad. Please encourage relatives living abroad to keep their information up to date, as it is difficult for us to maintain contact with them. For matters concerning the Swedish Peerage Book and legal notices published semi-annually in Arte et Marte, please contact the book editor at +46-8 723 39 96 or by e-mail at

Update your details
Help us by providing up-to-date information. The House of Nobility needs the help of its members to keep the descendancy charts, Swedish Peerage Book and address register up to date and accurate. We gratefully accept information regarding births, marriages, divorces and deaths in the family, especially for family members living abroad. Call the chancery at +46-8 723 39 90 or send an e-mail to: Thank you!

Report a birth
Have you welcomed a new member into your family? Congratulations! Please let us know about the good news so that we can get accurate information about our own noble family members. We seek information about the birth of children of male descendants born in wedlock. Simply call us at +46-8 723 39 91 or send an e-mail to We appreciate your help.

Did you know that you can register your daughter with Vadstena Adliga Jungfrustift? Contact our chancery at +46-8 723 39 91 and we will be glad to help you.