Banquet Hall

Welcome to the House of Nobility banquet hall

The House of Nobility palace was built in 1641–1672 and makes a fabulous venue for hosting a party. Our executive board wishes the palace to be used primarily by noble family members to celebrate family gatherings, as stated in the general provisions of the House of Nobility: “Arrangements must be of a private, personal and family nature. The building shall be put to use as well as be preserved for future generations, which you should consider both when planning your event and when the event itself takes place. We are all involved in safeguarding this historical heritage.”

The palace is an ideal place to celebrate special occasions both big and small. Its beautiful halls are perfect for hosting dinners and receptions. The Land Marshal’s rooms accommodate up to 150 seated guests – 120 in the main hall and another 30 in the adjoining games room. For smaller groups of up to 14 seated guests, the small dining room located in the Drawing Room can be used.

The park on the palace’s south side, in front of the main entrance, was built during the renovation of Riddarhustorget in 1917. The park on the north side took shape in the 1800s and consists mainly of lawns. There is no trespassing on the lawns, and events cannot be held in the parks. However, the area offers an excellent location for taking pictures.

The palace measures about 2,200 square metres (23,681 square feet), with beautiful halls and an imposing staircase. Unfortunately, there is no space in the building for storing items such as gifts or music equipment in conjunction with events. Because of these restrictions, we kindly ask those who rent the premises to take any belongings with them when leaving the palace.

The House of Nobility is often booked several times a week and usually every weekend. All Saturdays are typically booked one year in advance, and the popular summer months two years in advance. The palace is closed for bookings from Midsummer week to the second week of August, from mid-December to 6 January and during Easter.

For questions about bookings, please contact